Plans & Documents

  1. Vision Plan

    The plan becomes a guideline that is used on a daily basis to direct future growth and plan for infrastructure, community services, trails, parks, quality of life assets and to ensure that Liberty Township continues to be an attractive and viable community.

  2. Zoning Resolution

    The Zoning Resolution serves as the development guidelines for Liberty Township.

  3. Bethany Plan

    The Downtown Bethany Vision Plan is conceived as an addendum to the Liberty Township Comprehensive Plan for the purpose of further defining the Township's goals and objectives relating to development in the area known as "Downtown Bethany".

  4. Trail Initiative

    The Liberty Township Trails Initiative has devised a plan to implement contiguous hike and bike trails throughout the Township.

  5. Pedestrian Feasibility Study

    This study contains information that may assist in making Liberty Township more accessible for pedestrians.