Juvenile Fire Setters Counseling

"Juvenile Fire Setting is not a fire problem, it is a KID problem"...we want to help.

Juvenile Fire Setter Intervention Specialists

Liberty Township Fire Department has several trained Juvenile Fire Setter Intervention Specialists. These employees are often called upon to evaluate juveniles as a result of court judgment, however the service is provided to all residents as needed. If you feel that you are or know of a child that is having issues with setting fires or playing with fire, please let us help.

When to Call

Contact Fire Headquarters during normal business hours at 513-759-7530 if you are the parent or guardian of a juvenile who you feel has a strong curiosity about fire or has done one or more of the following:
  • Have set two or more fires.
  • Use fire to express emotion.
  • Set a fire with the intent to destroy, as an act or vandalism, or malicious mischief.
More fire setters prevention resources can be found at the United States Justice Department (PDF)