Our Valuable Volunteers

Liberty Township is grateful for the work of many dedicated volunteers that support the community in various ways throughout the year. Special thanks to the volunteers that worked tirelessly on behalf of Liberty Township in 2017.

Board of Zoning Appeals
Robert Bertsch
Michael DeHart
Brienne Fey
Michael McDonald
Richard McKinney
Patrick Merten
Andrew Schweier

Events Volunteers
Boy Scout Troop 942
Grace Harbor Church
Liberty Heights Church
Dorothy and Denise Banasiak
Jeff Carter
Ali Marshall
Amy Martin
Judy O'Rourke
John Paschall
Lindsey Riddell
Dan Schmidt
Jenn and Ariel Swain
Mary Villarreal and family

Finance Committee
Harris Capps
Tom Emerick
Brenda Frazier
Ron Hotchkiss
Debbie Kitching
Frank Peters

JEDD Board
Ray D'Alonzo
Dr. Jeff Hartman
Joe Reigelsperger
Jamie Theiss

Parks Committee
Ronald Aylward
Laurie Ballenger 

Chuck Holliday
Dave Lintner
V. Michel Price
William Walker
Maureen Mowl

Zoning Commission

Wayne Bradshaw
James Dobrozsi
Mike Dunn
Forrest Holger
Anu Mital
Mike Stater
Michael Ward
Thank You