COVID-19 Temporary Zoning Procedures

The Department of Planning & Zoning will continue to provide assistance during this time according to the following procedures:

Zoning Questions:

All zoning questions must be submitted by email to Please provide sufficient details regarding your zoning question and the appropriate contact information. Staff will respond to your email as soon as possible with assistance.

Zoning Permit Application Process:

At this time, zoning permits are only being accepted, processed and issued electronically. The Township respectfully requests that if your project is not urgent and the issuance of a zoning permit can wait until the Township resumes normal procedures, please do so. Staff will be providing assistance remotely, so turnaround times are expected to be longer than normal. If a zoning permit is needed at this time, please follow the below procedure:

  • Download the Zoning Certificate Application Form.
  • Email the completed Zoning Certificate Application Form and a digital copy of the plans to requested at that time. Staff will also confirm the required permit fee. It is anticipated that zoning permits will take 10-14 business days to review and the permits will not be reviewed until a complete application is received.
  • Payment will be required prior to the release of the Zoning Certificate. The Fee Schedule can be referenced here
    Payment (cash or check) can be mailed to the following address:
    Liberty Township
    ATTN: Zoning Permit Fees
    7162 Liberty Centre Drive, Suite A
    Liberty Township, OH 45069
    For proper processing and crediting of the payment, please reference the property address, permit number and the permit type with the payment so staff can apply the payment to the correct permit. Please do not send payment by courier service since the office is closed and staff is working remotely; therefore, nobody will be present to accept delivery.
  • Once the zoning permit is issued, and the payment is received, staff will email the approved permit back to the applicant. The approved permit will include the issued Zoning Certificate and the approved plans that will be stamped as approved.
  • If a permit is required from the Butler County Building Department for the improvement, you will need to print the approved plans and submit it to their office according to their process.

Zoning Final Inspection Process:

Staff will be performing final inspections, as needed, according to the normal schedule on Wednesdays and Fridays. The Township respectfully requests that if the final inspection of your project is not urgent and it can wait until after the Township resumes normal procedures, please do so. If a final inspection is needed at this time, please follow the below procedure:
  • Email the Final Inspection Request to or submit it here.
    All Final Inspection requests shall include the following information:
    - Property Address
    - Permit Number (Z20XX-XXXX)
    - Requested date of inspection (Wednesday or Friday)
    - Description of improvement to be inspected
    - Name, email address and phone number of person requesting inspection
    - Any special instructions for inspection
  • Staff will perform the requested inspection on the scheduled date. For the safety of everyone at this time, Staff will not engage in face-to-face interaction on-site. Any interaction will be required to be conducted on the phone or via email.
  • If the Final Inspection is passed, confirmation will be emailed to the Butler County Building Department toward the end of the day after inspection. If there are any issues with the Final Inspection, Staff will coordinate with the person that requested the Final Inspection.