Recycling Information

Residents are reminded that Liberty Township does not provide a curbside recycling service for all households. However, the Township does provide two convenient recycling drop-off stations for the community:

  • Liberty Township Fire Station 111 
    5170 Princeton-Glendale Road
    Monday & Friday pick-up
  • Liberty Township Fire Station 112 
    6957 Yankee Road
    Monday, Thursday & Saturday pick-up
Please help us keep the drop-off locations clear of recycling waste. It's important that all materials be put inside the recycling containers. 

Acceptable recyclable items include: newspapers, magazines, junk mail, phone books, brown paper bags, office paper, cardboard, paperboard (such as cereal boxes), plastic bottles/jugs, milk cartons/juice boxes (remove lid and straw), glass bottles and food jars, aluminum cans, steel cans and empty aerosol cans (remove tip).

Residents should contact an area waste hauler to set up household trash collection and curbside recycling. Haulers in the area include Rumpke and CSI Waste. 

Learn more about recycling by visiting the Butler County Recycling & Solid Waste website. 

Recycling Do's & Don'ts
  • DO be sure to flatten cardboard as much as possible.
  • DO rinse all containers until they're spotless.
  • DO throw out the small lids of plastic bottles.
  • DON'T recycle construction materials.
  • DON'T throw plastic shopping bags in the recycling.