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Community Event Application


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    1. (if different)

    2. Include a list of roads to be closed and the corresponding intersections; a legible map of the closure areas and / or event site including placement of volunteers and personnel, assembly areas, route of parade (if applicable); description and indication of all on-site directional and promotional signage.

    3. Describe plan for use of Township lots, non-Township lots, public and / or private lots. Include any request for removal of on-street parking.

    4. Event organizer is responsible for providing and servicing portable restrooms during events when permanent facilities are not available or deemed not adequate by Liberty Township for the estimated attendance.

    5. Applicant declares all information submitted on this application is true and accurate. Applicant will immediately notify the Events Coordinator of any additions or changes that arise after application is submitted. Changes could result in denial or revocation of permit. On behalf of the above organization(s) and all members thereof, applicant agrees to abide by all policies, procedures and instructions set forth or provided by Liberty Township, its staff, officers and designated agents and will also comply with all relevant local, state and referral regulations.

    6. It is the responsibility of the applicant to have the most up-to-date applications and / or requirements prior to submitting as changes may occur.

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      By checking this box I agree that the information I provided on this form is accurate to the best of my knowledge.