Snow Removal

The winter months bring with them the challenges of driving in conditions most people do not enjoy. The Liberty Township Services Department will make every effort to keep these hazardous road conditions as safe as possible for the traveling public during these times of ice and snow. With that in mind, below is the snow removal priority list and some tips that residents can do to allow for safe, timely and effective removal of ice and snow from Township roadways.

Street Priority List

  1. Main roads (view road maintenance responsibilities)
  2. Main roads that need additional plowing
  3. Intersections
  4. Main arteries in subdivisions are given a quick "one pass"
  5. All subdivision roads, excluding cul-de-sacs, are given a "double pass"
  6. Main roads that need additional plowing
  7. Any subdivision roads that may need additional plowing
  8. Cul-de-sacs