Millikin Road - Exit 26 Interchange

The new Millikin Road (Exit 26) Interchange will open 900 acres in Liberty Township for commercial development along the I-75 corridor, offering short commutes to the nearly half million residents within 10 miles. The proposed interchange is a critical strategy to support the community's growth and encourage economic development within Liberty Township. The goal of the interchange is to alleviate traffic congestion as the community grows, improve safety, support economic development, increase local job opportunities and diversify the community's tax base.

In 2009, Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT) District 8 confirmed there is adequate spacing (more than 2 miles) between the adjacent interchanges at Liberty Way (south) and State Route 63 (north). Since then, the Millikin Road Interchange has been added to two important regional planning documents:

Why Millikin?

  • The Millikin Road Interchange area is an important and growing corridor for public travel, commerce, and development in southwest Ohio. It provides regional connectivity across I-75 between Butler and Warren counties.
  • With only 18% of land in Liberty Township designated for commercial development, encouraging development along existing transportation corridors like I-75, SR 747, and SR 4 is logical. 
  • The land planned for commercial development along I-75 will be difficult to achieve without significantly improving access to it. The local road network is limited and an interchange at I-75 and Millikin is necessary in order to open the land for commercial development.
  • The population growth in the Millikin Road Interchange area has contributed to significant residential and commercial development in Liberty Township and in the surrounding areas of Monroe, Deerfield, and Turtlecreek townships. Proposed improvements at I-75 & Millikin Road will improve access for drivers along local roadways in this area. 
  • With major residential centers within 12 miles and entertainment areas under 9 miles, the Millikin Road Interchange area is a prime location for employment development. This area connects to 450,000 residents within 10 miles with commute times of 20 minutes or less. 

Millikin Road Interchange Resources

Reference the resources below for more information about the Millikin Road Interchange.
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Your feedback is important to us

Public involvement is an integral component of our planning process. Public feedback is solicited and considered throughout each phase of the Project Development Process. A virtual public open house was held Aug. 23 - Sept. 30, 2021. A total of 577 people responded to the survey leaving 7,198 responses and 1,092 comments.

Your feedback on our work is always appreciated. If you have any comments, concerns or questions, please feel free to contact the project manager:

Dan Corey
Butler County Transportation Improvement District
1921 Fairground Avenue
Hamilton, OH 45011

Background and Process

Liberty Township has been one of the fastest growing communities in southwest Ohio over the past 20 years, with a 400% population increase from 1990 to 2010 (9,249 to 37,259 residents, respectively). The current population is approximately 44,000 residents according to the 2020 Census data and expected to continue to grow. This significant growth has contributed to ongoing residential and commercial development in the Township. As a result, local stakeholders have begun the process of exploring potential alternatives to alleviate traffic congestion, improve safety and support future investment and job creation.

Improved regional connections support our quality of life
Liberty Township is working with the Butler County Transportation Improvement District (BCTID), the Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT) and other local stakeholders to study a new interchange at I-75 and Millikin Road. This study process must follow the Project Development Process set forth by ODOT. The I-75/Millikin Road Interchange Study is in the third phase of this process. As part of our work, the project team is evaluating the traffic, environmental and property impacts of a proposed interchange as compared to the impacts of improving the local roadway network if no interchange is built.

Planned improvements will support future traffic and economic needs
The primary transportation purpose of this project is to ensure that the local roadway network in Liberty Township is able to meet existing and future traffic demand and it will also improve mobility and access throughout the area to support planned community growth and economimc development as identified in Liberty Township's Comprehensive Vision Plan. 

By the year 2044, the majority of the intersections within the study area between Butler Warren Road and Cincinnati Dayton Road, which currently serve as the primary north-south access routes, will be operating at what is considered Level of Service "F" during both the morning and afternoon peak hours.

Level of Service (LOS) "F" means that a given roadway can no longer meet the needs of the traffic using that roadway. Poor travel times and increased crashes generally characterize conditions when a roadway is classified at this level.

Similarly, multiple intersections of Millikin Road, a major east-west corridor in Liberty Township, are also expected to operate at LOS "F" in 2044. Transportation improvements to address these congestion issues are needed to accommodate the projected traffic demand and improve mobility and access to support planned economic development in and around Liberty Township.