What are the capabilities of the substation?

The substation is not manned full-time by deputies. The deputies report for duty at this location and use it to complete paperwork. Their time is primarily spent on the streets in Liberty Township patrolling. If you need service and want a deputy to meet you at the substation, please call the Butler County Dispatch Center at 513-785-1300 before arriving to ensure a deputy will be present. The BCSO Liberty Substation does not keep / maintain copies of traffic / criminal reports at the substation. All Sheriff’s Office records are kept at the Butler County Sheriff’s Office located at 705 Hanover Street in Hamilton. In addition, the Substation does not perform fingerprinting or background checks – those requests must be made in-person at the Hamilton address, located at 705 Hanover Street.

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1. Who handles police protection in Liberty?
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3. What are the capabilities of the substation?
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